Haiku is nature poetry. As it has become a popular poetic form in English it’s often silly-fied, used to make aphorisms or puns. But the real idea behind this ancient form is that it must describe a moment—most often a moment from nature—as concretely as possible. Don’t talk about feelings or ideas. Focus instead on smells, sounds, impressions, colors. (Also, don’t get too hung up on syllable count. Think of it this way: a haiku is a poem that can be read in the time it takes to beathe in and out once.)

The ladies at One Deep Breath do a great weekly haiku prompt, which I plan to take advantage of as I have found writing haiku to be a fine way to clear my mind and really concentrate on the world around me. This week’s theme is sleep. Here’s my poem:

legs straight out like twigs
belly round, a full plush mound—
a tiny horse, my cat sleeping