I’m realizing I need a good bug identification book. This week I visited The Morris Arboretum, one of my very favorite places in the world, and I stood and watched a bee that can’t have been more than 3/12 of an inch big sitting on the petal of a large lily. It was busy with the flower so I was really able to study it, and I don’t mean to get fruity on you but it struck me at the time as being the most perfectly made thing I’d ever seen. Tiny diaphonous wings like wax paper with hair-thin veins through them. A teardrop-shaped body that he kept bobbing up and down. A perfect, tiny bee. I’ve seen some descriptions of dwarf bees and apis florea, but the dwarf bee sounds like it might be even smaller (! it’s the world’s smallest, apparently), and apis florea seems to be in other parts of the world, so I don’t know.