There’s a meteor shower tonight. It’s called Perseid. Meteor showers happen when the Earth moves through a meteor stream, which sounds like poetry but is reality. This particular shower has been observed every August for at least 2000 years, and Wikipedia tells me that in early Europe the night-sky light show was called “tears of St. Lawrence.” I have yet to find out why it was so called, but I do know that St. Lawrence was a matyr who was roasted on an iron stove. So.

I hope to stay up long enough to see the meteors falling tonight, and I hope that if I’m awake at the right time—between 2 and 4 am is ideal, according to one source, but anytime after midnight should be good, and that’s 20 minutes from now!—I’m not so close to the city that the lights around here make it hard to see. That’s the suburbs for you. It’s boring at night, but not all that dark. Apparently these meteors will go whizzing by at the rate of around one per minute. Is anyone else planning to watch?